Many health problems develop from or are amplified by prolonged stress on the body, such as allergens, nutritional deficiencies, emotional problems, and other stressors. Biofeedback therapy helps patients who are dealing with emotional traumas. Biofeedback connects you to electrical sensors which help you receive info about your body. With the feedback of this nature, you can learn which subtle changes your body needs to feel calm and release pain. Common types of biofeedback therapy include brain waves, breathing, muscle contraction, and more. 

At Health & Beauty from Within we use 60-minute biofeedback session to help you relax and deal with your problems hands-on.

Improving inner awareness and control will help you alter excessive stress responses and sustain the effects. Each biofeedback session is tailored to individuals and may include relaxation training, guided imagery, or other techniques. We even provide biofeedback for pets, as well!