Weight Loss Perfected™:

Weight loss is very complex, and there are so many factors that can affect weight – making it very difficult to loose weight at times, and to keep it off. Fortunately for our clients, we have a tailored approach to weight loss, which involves a custom combination of treatments that will help transform the way you think about food, and provide holistic options to tone and trim your body.

How Does it Work? Here’s the Process:

Step 1: Biofeedback
Together, we learn about your specific emotional issues related to food and eating, through an informative Biofeedback session. This biofeedback is diagnostic, and it provides important information on what is going on with you on all levels, including your hormones, emotional stressors, organs, nutrition, sleep patterns, digestion, and much more.

Step 2: Bloodwork
We review all of your paperwork and the biofeedback results. Then, we order lab work based on your individual needs, such as a full thyroid panel, lipid panel, food allergy/sensitivity testing, nutritional testing, and whatever other testing you need.

Step 3: Determination
Findings from the lab results and assessments are reviewed during a one hour consultation with you. A treatment plan based on determining what nutraceuticals you need and establishing a specific diet based on what’s best for you.

Step 4: Lifestyle Plan
Next, we will determine what nutraceuticals you need and then establish a specific diet based on what’s best for you. Various natural vitamins, food choices, sleeping recommendations, and stress-reducing habits, when all combined, can have a significant effect on your weight.

Step 5: Detoxification
As a pivotal part of Weight Loss Perfected, we implement various natural and non-invasive processes which rid the body of toxins that can be effecting your ability to loose wight. These detoxification methods include treatments in the Infrared Sauna and during an Ion Cleanse. Lastly, we tone your body with a Vibration Machine and our signature Cryo T-Shock body sculpting.